Gears of War 4


With Cliffy B gone, I’m afraid how the Gears of War franchise will end up. As a big fan of it I figured it was up to me to take care of it, so after the much anticipated prequel game coming next month, here’s my pitch for the opening to GEARS OF WAR 4. Written by me, Tobbii Karlsson. Listen up Epic Games.

Gears of War 4.

Marcus Fenix is fighting his way through the Locust horde, the Lancer Machinegun is frantically firing bullets into the pest before him, drenching his long pink dreads in their blackened blood. He chuckles out a snarky laughter as he pushes the chainsaw-blade from beneathe the gun down into the skull of a unknowing Boomer soldier. Out of nowhere he’s knocked to the side… A Berserker appeared before him.

“Get out of there!” yelled Baird as he slided down what once was a kindergarten’s exterior, now nothing but rubble. “I’ve got this one.”

Baird aimed his Hammer of Dawn as his silver-tipped mohawk swayed through the air, out of nowhere came a ray of light and blew the monsterious being to shreds. Marcus approached his friend, and but his arm around him. “Thanks Baird, I owe you one. Let’s have a cup of Earl Grey, okay?”

Q: What the hell was that Tobbii?

A: Well, we had a discussion on Skype me and another BD Writer about how videogame characters tend to have so boring hair-styles, and I wrote this… I’m not sure why. I don’t even know why I posted it, I guess I just found the image of Marcus Fenix in pink dreads funny.

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Best to Worst Anime – 2013 (Updated 2013-02-24)

Edit: Decided to change how this works. From now on I’ll simply update this post now and then with how I view the best and worst anime of the year. Bad starts at “Zetsuen no Tempest” and Great starts at “Sasami-san@Unmotivated”. (Updated 2013-02-13)

  1. Kotoura-san (Started Winter 2012/13)
  2. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (Started Winter 2012/13)
  3. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Animation (Started Fall 2012)
  4. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou Deu Yo? (Started Winter 2012/13)
  5. Robotics;Notes (Started Fall 2012)
  6. GJ Club! (Started Winter 2012/13)
  7. Vividred Operation (Started Winter 2012/13)
  8. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Started Fall 2012)
  9. Doki Doki! PreCure (Started Winter 2012/13)
  10. Student Council’s Discretion Lv. 2 (Started Winter 2012/13)
  11. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Started Fall 2012)
  12. Sasami-san@Unmotivated (Started Winter 2012/13)
  13. Love Live! School Idol Project (Started Winter 2012/13)
  14. OreShura: Ore no Kanojo to Osanamijimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (Started Winter 2012/13)
  15. Ishida & Asakura (Started Winter 2012/13)
  16. Senyu. (Started Winter 2012/13)
  17. Girls Und Panzer (Started Fall 2012)
  18. THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyousuke  (Started Winter 2012/13)
  19. Psycho-Pass (Started Fall 2012)
  20. Maoyu (Started Winter 2012/13)
  21. Shin Sekai Yori: From The New World (Started Fall 2012)
  22. Encouragement of Climb (Started Winter 2012/13)
  23. AMNESIA (Started Winter 2012/13)
  24. Mangirl! (Started Winter 2012/13)
  25. Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman (Started Winter 2012/13)
  26. Little Busters! (Started Fall 2012)
  27. Cuticle Detective Inaba (Started Winter 2012/13)
  28. Senran Kagura (Started Winter 2012/13)
  29. Ai Mai Mi (Started Winter 2012/13)
  30. Blast of Tempest (Started Fall 2012)
  31. Bakuman 3 (Started Fall 2012)
  32. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (Started Winter 2012/13)
  33. Chokkyuu Kyoudai Robot Anime: Straight Title (Started Winter 2012/13)
  34. Tamako Market (Started Winter 2012/13)
  35. Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan” (Started Winter 2012/13)
  36. Beast Saga (Started Winter 2012/13)
  37. Puchimas! Petit Idolm@ster (Started Winter 2012/13)
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Review – Aliens: Colonial Marines, the Reviews.


The reviews of Aliens: Colonial Marines were very much hyped up to be something glorious in many ways, and now they’re finally here to tell us the truth about the Gearbox co-developed horror shooter.

Aliens: Colonial Marines, the Reviews.
Written by: Every Major Gaming Website

Right of the bat we’re hit with a surprising 7/10 from African magazine-writers, but a amazing turn of events make for future scores to just get lower and lower, as we greet the 5/10 from GamesRadar and the 4/10 from GamesTM. Polygon rants down the game to a 3/10 and StickSkills get in their 3/10 score as well. And finally, the crowning moment as Destructoid releases their review, a 2.5/10.

Then came the amazing plot-twist where EGM unleashed their powerful 9/10 review, a memorable moment indeed, despite questioned by many. With memorable quote such as “solid alien AI.” as if there were no Constipated Walk Aliens just ignoring the player.It was unexpected for certain, and who doesn’t like a good surprise.

However, I’ve got to be honest, I do feel there was something missing. Where were the Nintendo magazines and websites? Why no word on the Wii U version of the game? A missed opportunity, though I guess the fault may not lie with the writers there.

I waited five years and stayed up on a school night for this, and the reviews were everything I was expecting and more, a thrilling experience just from the waiting that truly delivered on the promises. Should not disappoint, read them now.

Final Score: 10/10

If you loved these reviews you’ll love reviews for: The 3rd Birthday, Metroid: Other M, Final Fantasy XIII, Duke Nukem Forever, Too Human and other legendary disappointments.

If you hated these reviews you’ll love reviews for: Aliens: Infestation, Aliens vs Predator 2, Doom 3 and other tension filled sci-fi games.

…Seriously, just pre-order something like Tales of Xillia instead…

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Unboxing DmC: Devil May Cry – Son of Sparda Edition

Hey! The first unboxing of 2013!

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FRAMED – Motion Poster (Film School Assignment)

Framed - Motion Poster

Created a Motion Poster for FRAMED.

Unfortunately it’s in gif so the quality suffered quite a lot, but I’m happy with it, make sure to let it load before you judge it as the first round of animation tend to go slow since it’s quite a large gif image.

This was part of our assignment today in film school, weird.

Click the non-motion poster here to the left to see it.

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The Lost Games – Announcement and Details

In 2011 I had a blog-series called “The Lost Resident Evil” in which I detailed and talked about cancelled and heavily altered Resident Evil games. It got somewhat popular and was even mentioned on (My Resident Evil 4 article to be more precise) at one point, and I promised I would continue this series with other games.

Well now it’s time, The Lost Games is my new video series devoted to these things, I’m not giving a date yet, but I am collecting suggestions for games you’d like to hear about, hey, maybe you just want to know if a franchise DO have cancelled games or not. Just drop a comment on this post about what it would be and I’ll consider it for an episode.

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This shortfilm is based on Jonathan Holmes’ pitch for a new Gamecube Commercial. It was made as a holiday gift to him. The pitch, that he did on Podtoid, went like this:

“A boy is sitting alone in a room, terrified. After some suspensful fidgeting, the floorboards open up suddenly to reveal a firey, hellish pit from which satan ascends and screams “Buy GameCube!””

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So, I decided to roughly translate the lyrics from “Jojo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~” (First opening title music to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) into swedish, record it and fix up a fake opening video for it. So here you go, it’s me performing “Jojo ~För Det är i Deras Blod~”. A late Holiday Gift. Ho-ho-ho.

Yes, it’s meant to be silly. I did it for a laugh.
Lyrics + Translation after the jump…

Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!

Ljuset från stjärnan lyser skarpt genom himmelen inatt.
Smyger sakta och beblandar sig med skuggorna som ruvar.
Deras vågor ekar tillsammans och vi alla hör.

Deras sol den leder dom som söker stigen som leder till ära!
Kräver offer ifrån folk som önskar nå dess kraft.
Utan undantag.

Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!

Hjärtan slår och slår dom glöder liksom flammorna som slog upp till brand!
Pulsen slås ifrån deras slag, deras mod som löper genom deras vener.
Tappert närmar sig, och dom omfamnar sitt mål.
För det är i blodet hos…

Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!

The light from the star is shining brightly through the sky tonight.
It sneaks slowly and mingles with the shadows that are resting.
Their ripples echoes together and we all hear it.

Their sun will guide them down the path that leads to honour!
(But) Demands sacrifices from people who wishes to reach its power.
With no exception.

Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo! Jojo!

Heart’s beat and beat, they’re glowing like the flames that wiped up a fire!
The pulse is beating from their punches, (as) their courage leaps through their veins.
Bravely they approach, and embraces their goal.
For it’s inside the blood of…

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Faster Than Light: The JAAP Chronicles – Episode 3

A new Crew. A new Ship. A new Destiny… Almost.

Playlist Link:

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Let’s Play FTL: The JAAP Chronicles (Episodes 1 + 2)

Introducing my new WordPress blog as I am tired of my old Blogspot one not doing as I want, and instead of kicking off with some lame “Welcome” post I decided to just go directly to the fun stuff. My new Let’s Play. Enjoy episode 1 and 2 (the good episode) of Let’s Play FTL: The JAAP Chronicles!

Playlist link.

Featuring names from

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